Used Power Steering Pumps For Sale

The power steering pump on your vehicle improves the handling and makes steering easier than older manual steering systems. Much less effort and strength is required to turn and control your vehicle. When you need used power steering pumps, we can help you locate the correct part for your vehicle. Enter your search in the box at the top of this page. No matter what type of pump you need, our search will locate your exact part quickly.

The pump itself is just one piece in the power system. A pulley is attached that drives the pump from your vehicle’s engine. A reservoir contains the fluid that provides hydraulic power. As the vanes inside the pump turn, hydraulic fluid is drawn in to the system. The fluid is then sent to the steering gear at a high pressure.

Steering pumps can wear out due to age. Leaks in the hoses or pump may cause the system to run dry and fail. Using the wrong type of fluid can damage the pump. Excessively hard steering to the full left or right may also lead to early failure.

Signs of pump failure

Noise is a common sign that your pump is beginning to fail. A loud squealing or whining sound can be an indication of a worn out bearing. Rattling sounds may point to a broken pump vane. Not all failures will be accompanied by noise. If you notice that the steering is becoming progressively more difficult, your pump may be failing. Always check your fluid level first, as low fluid can be the culprit.

Check for fluid leaks when you check the fluid level. Over time gaskets or seals may wear out and begin to develop small leaks. A crack in the housing will also result in a leak. Do plan to replace the pump as soon as possible. Leaks normally become worse over time.

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