Used Electronic Chassis Control Modules For Sale

The Electronic Chassis Control Module (ECCM) is one of many computerized modules in modern vehicles. A portion of the module is the electronic stability control (ESC). If you need to replace this module, you do need to purchase exactly the right model for your vehicle. We can help you locate your module quickly. Enter the name of the part you need into our search bar and let us show you how easy it can be.

The chassis of your vehicle serves as a solid anchor for the body and mechanical systems. It acts as an interface between the road and the occupants. The control module assists the driver by stabilizing the chassis during steering and decelerating. Electronic control systems respond to sensors located at various points on your vehicle. The system goes to work when signals are received to activate individual functions. Even anti-lock brake systems send input to the control module.

As technology improves, the Electronic Chassis Control Module has evolved to provide more comfort and stability while increasing the ease of driving. These modules can also interact with braking systems to improve stopping power and reduce skid. Control modules not only assist the driver, they increase the overall safety of the vehicle.

Different vehicle manufacturers use their own control modules for various functions. Your chassis control module could be referred to with a different name or broken down into separate components. Some vehicles will use a Brake Control Module known as an ABS or ESC module in addition to a Suspension Control module or SCM.

Be careful not to confuse the chassis module with a Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM controls your interior lights, electric windows and power door locks. Use your owner’s manual or online manufacturer assistance to determine the exact name of the part you need.

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