Used Tail Lights For Sale

Having broken tail lights on your vehicle does not mean you have to resort to using clear colored tape. Replacing tail light covers and assemblies is not difficult when you know where to look for the parts. Enter your information into the parts finder at the top of this page for low cost tail light replacements.

The tail lights on your vehicle have several functions. Some vehicles use separate assemblies , but most combine your stop lamps, turn signals, hazard lights, running lights and back up signal into one main assembly. Each manufacturer uses different styles, so you do need to purchase the correct model assembly or cover for your car, truck or SUV.

Your stop lamps will normally use a red colored cover. Running lights and turn signals often use an amber color but may use silver-white or other shades. Back up lamps normally have a white cover. Shades of light are designed to provide drivers behind you will a universally understandable signal. The cover also protects the electrical connections inside from water damage. If you have cracked covers, they should be replaced.

When you purchase taillights for your vehicle, you can choose from standard manufacturer-style replacements or performance series lights. Performance series are designed to work with various models and add a unique look to the vehicle. You may even want to change your tail lights over to an LED assembly. LED lights provide noticeably greater visibility.

Tail light bulbs also come in different sizes and levels of brightness for their designed use. When you replace bulbs, remember that some can be damaged by the oils on your fingers. Use a soft rag to hold these bulbs for installation. Clean the contact areas for the bulbs before you install them. Rust or other debris can interfere with the connection.

Remember that turn signal and hazard lights are controlled by flashers. You may find that your bulbs are good, but the flasher has malfunctioned. We can help you find tail lights for sale and all of these other parts for your vehicle easily. Use the search box located at the top of this page and search our national database.