L61 refers to the Ecotec 2.2 engine used and manufactured by GM in the USA. The cars from Saturn and Chevrolet were the very first vehicles to receive the updated 4-cylinder block. As a Family II series, the Generation I production was updated to handle the new features like the throttle controls. Using this parts website, anyone can find or buy a used Ecotec 2.2 engine online.

Vehicles Using GM Ecotec 2.2L Engines

The first version of the L61 was a 9:5:1 compression block. The torque changed slightly in future editions although was rated for 4400 RPM. Between 135 and 140 horsepower were the initial specs for the 2200 Ecotec series. The automobiles that used this block between 2000 and 2006 were the following:

Saturn Vue and Ion, Pontiac Sunfire and G5, Chevrolet Cavalier, Cobalt and Malibu and Oldsmobile Alero.

The second generation Chevy Ecotec engine was produced with bigger compression numbers. A 10:0:1 ratio and a boost to 145 horsepower separates the newer versions from the first editions. The good news for consumers is that there are parts, mods and timing chain modifications that can be made for the 2.2-liter.

134 Cubic Inch Displacement

The block of the L61 is the standard General Motors cast aluminum. Even with the impressive 2198cc specs, some people who swap a 2.2-liter Ecotec motor want the performance of a turbocharged build. This is possible by updating the ECM. Ever preowned product that is up for sale on this website is the factory built version that is ready for a software upgrade.

The final first generation build for the 2.2L was the L42. This was used throughout the mid 2000s for the Cavalier. While the features were almost identical, no future development dollars were spent updating the L42 RPO version. Other enhancements such as E85 compatible LE8 and LAP models were produced during the 2010 year.

Prices for GM Ecotec I4 Engines

Instead of calling around to scrap yards or parts dealers, an informative research tool does exist here. In the year 2013, AutoProsUSA.com unveiled its parts locator service. A way to search the interchange system was developed and this method for searching is now a standard for parts buyers. Right from this motor detail page, an approximate sale price can be obtained.

In addition to the I4 price schedule, there are replacement parts for the block that can be added to an order. The second hand L61 or other blocks in stock do come with all hoses, wiring and other needed components. If someone needs additional products, these can be found using the finder tool. All quotes are customized for buyers and take less than 30 seconds to complete.