The clicking sound in a Hyundai front axle might mean that a replacement is needed. Noise that is heard coming from the underside of the left or right side of a vehicle is typically due to the drive axles going bad. The solution that most people prefer is to buy an original Hyundai front axle assembly from a reputable dealer. Second hand inventory is what is available through this website.

CV Joint or Boot Failure

The shaft assembly is just one part of the CV system. Companies like Hyundai do put a lot of effort into maintaining industry standards when it comes to producing automotive parts. In most cases, it is lack of lubrication and general wear that leads to the most problems. Because the drive axles are what provides motion to a vehicle, the entire system must be kept in check.

Buying a used front axle assembly is a good investment for someone who cannot find a suitable aftermarket part. By removing quality components from actual automobiles, the quality is a lot higher. The biggest part of research for a car owner is knowing which parts will fit a specific type of Hyundai automobile.

Parts in stock at fit these vehicles:

Elantra GLS and GT, Accent, Entourage, Excel, Santa Fe and Tiburon.

FWD and AWD Hyundai Axle Assembly

Taking off the hub and finding out that a part is failing is intimidating and frustrating. Since different parts are not interchangeable, the engine size does matter when shopping for used car parts online. The components viewable using this resource are compatible with 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder motors. These can be further classified as FWD or AWD components.

In the year 2013, a recall notice was issued for the Sport edition Santa Fe vehicles. The axle shaft was declared to be defective. Some people did not take a dealership offer to fix the problem due to a mechanic finding other errors. A person who is ready to swap out a left or right shaft assembly can buy units in used condition for a cheaper price.

Prices for Used OEM Suspension Parts

Since everything listed on this resource center is second hand, the MSRP is way less than what a dealer or distributor would charge. Consumers receive a first place position when they hope to find replacement Hyundai parts for sale. To see how accurate the price calculator displayed here is, use the precise manufacturer year for the model of vehicle that needs a new axle.

What is instantly returned is the best price that is available at this time for a particular part. While it is not needed, a vehicle ID number can speed up the distribution of a quote. A customer service agent can be called when dialing the number for support listed here online.