Volvo cars use front axle assembly shafts to provide motion to the wheels. When a unit is failing, more often than not the problem is the boot or shaft system. Since most foreign automakers use ABS braking systems, a person doing a Volvo front axle assembly job will have to remove the wheels. Auto Pros helps supply the public with certified used inventory on this website.

Diagnosing Nose and Vibration

The sound of metal rubbing is very distinct. When lack of brake fluid or other simple checks have been made, the likely cause of an issue lies within the axle shaft. The grease that provides the lubrication to the axle can dry up after a few years. This is what causes the rubbing effect that leads to excessive noise or jarring during vehicle operation. This Volvo front axle noise can be corrected by installing a new assembly.

Like most vehicles, what must be done to the right side should also be one to the left. Since OEM parts are the best to use, a consumer can ensure that a direct fit is provided. Issues arise with some companies that distribute aftermarket components. Not every part seems to be machined well and slow down an installation. Regardless of a ball joint replacement, the left shaft and right shaft should be purchased together.

Compatible Volvo Axles for Sale

Without a vehicle identification number, some retailers cannot help someone who needs a specific component. Due to technological investments, Auto Pros USA allows people across North America to access the dealer-to-dealer interchange. This opens up a wide range of buying opportunities because more than one local scrap yard is showcased as having the correct inventory in stock.

Inventory can be purchased from salvage yards that support the following Volvo automobiles:

850, 240, 260, 780, 480, 740, 960, S40, S70, C70, S60 and XC90.

Since there are hundreds of various components, it is best to estimate the complete repair cost in advance. The rear or front axle removal is not the easiest job to complete. The entire CV shaft is complex due to the bearings and spline gear. All must be verified prior to trying to install an assembly in a Volvo car.

Non-Domestic Parts Locator Online

A Volvo car or truck still needs maintenance to get the most mileage out of the engine. Undercarriage components like the boots and CV shafts are still readily available as second hand products. By establishing lasting partnerships, sale prices have been able to be negotiated prior to quoting parts prices to consumers.

Serving vehicles is a little cheaper when discounts are supplied at the point of sale. To receive a direct price, enter the required information that the quote forms asks. A phone call to the support department is the next best thing for a consumer with more questions about freight or warranty plans.