Not all ring and pinion parts used on Chevy vehicles are the same. While the main mechanics of the 4WD units is standardized, what is different is the actual spline teeth and bolt design. The settling ring that appears on trucks or SUVs will vary. Buying any replacement through an authorized dealership does come with a high price tag. The cheapest option is to buy Chevy ring and pinion gears in used condition using this resource.

Stock 10 Bolt Covers

For the most common installations, 10 bolt covers are used in the front and rear four-wheel drive models. The nut sizes are mostly standard making it a little easier to do a swap. The size of the rear cover does fluctuate though based on the year of production. A standard size is usually 8.6 inches. What someone has to be concerned with before replacing the ring and pinion Chevy 10 bolt model is the spline variance.

Most vehicles are equipped with one of three spline gears. These include the 28 spline, 30 spline and 33 spline. Most of the 1/2 ton and 3/4 pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles have cross compatible bolt covers but not spline gears. The clip axles are generally included with an OEM replacement model.

One-Ton Differential Parts

Chevrolet vans have the most variance when it comes to the ring sets. There can be 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 covers with 35 to 40 spline gears. Learning how to setup the ring and pinion properly is what some people never learn. While there are videos on YouTube and other web sources, the best repair jobs come from a qualified mechanic. Paying too much for replacement parts and then doing poor installation is twice as costly.

Vehicles that can be fitted with used products on this website include the following:

C/K, Malibu, Colorado, Monte Carlo, Silverado, Trailblazer, Suburban, Tahoe, Caprice, Blazer, nova, Avalanche and Safari.

The used 4WD parts and accessories that are made available nationally to consumers on this website are from salvage yards. The small parts division is easily accessible when accessing the helpful tools provided on this page.

Quotes for GM Rear End Gears

A front or rear assembly can be ordered on this portal and shipped within a few days. Consumers who are without a good local supplier often find that money can be saved ordering on the Internet. Shipping fees are kept to a minimum and most scrap parts providers choose to offer complementary shipments. A quote is automatically generated here at

Using the used parts locator system, enter the year of a vehicle and its automaker. An immediate display of current SKU numbers and actual MSRP is provided. Reviewing secondary market inventory has never been simpler.