What causes the speedometer cable for a Jeep Liberty to fail? That is a popular question that is not easily answered online. There are many variables that must be considered before diagnosing a problem. Using a code reader gives only part of the information an SUV owner would need to fix an electrical issue. Auto Pros USA does provide a used speedometer cable for Jeep Liberty vehicles right here online.

Jeep Instrument Cluster Problem

Since taking a vehicle into a dealership does come with a big price tag, most people do a DIY swap of a bad sensor or cable. It comes down to three main things that could cause an odometer to work incorrectly. The first is the tone gear. The second is the speed sensor. The third is the battery terminal. Fuses usually do not cause issues with the actual wired cable.

When the speed control does not work, the cruise control cannot be changed or activated. This happens a lot on 2002 to 2012 KJ models. The costs involved to fix a Jeep instrument cluster problem do vary according to state. To repair or to replace an entire unit is what a person ponders when a problem is recognized. Parts for the first or second generation Liberty can be ordered using this website.

Bad Cable or Panel Light Failure

A complete cluster failure is the hardest to diagnose. If there are only one or two panel lights out, the problem is most likely a short in the speed sensor or battery. The issue is known in automotive dealerships and happens to any KJ SUV owners. The placement of the main control sensor is near the rear differential. This can cause rubbing and might short the wires.

The most common causes are with the 2.4, 2.5 and 3.7 engines. Local automotive supply stores do sell a replacement wiring harness for Liberty Jeeps. This does not always solve the problem because shorts and cold solder joints might not be the real issue. To replace the main cable, a swap must be made with an OEM unit ordered through a supplier.

Used Speedometer Parts for SUVs

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