Ion cars by Saturn used two wiper transmission linkage sets. The first OEM installation was the 15221904. This edition included some plastic parts that could break causing the assembly not to function properly. The second OEM part number was 22621385. This version was the upgrade that featured more metal components. Someone who is searching for a 2003 to 2007 wiper transmission for Saturn Ion automobiles can find inventory on this website.

Changing Transmission Linkage On Saturn Cars

The breaking point in most systems is the pivot system. To cut costs, some automakers installed a plastic component to couple the arms of the linkage. It is the units that have this setup that often need repaired. When replacing an original assembly, both the passenger side and driver side must be fixed correctly. It is common for the motor to also be defective once the linkage has deteriorated.

The following is an overview of installation steps for the wiper transmission assembly:

1. Take off the nut covers
2. Unscrew the nut on each side
3. Take off the wiper arms
4. Pop out air grille panel
5. Remove all wiring harnesses
6. Take off the transmission motor
7. Disconnect any other bolts
8. Install the used OEM assembly

DIY Saturn Ion Wiper Installation Videos

Finding the right GM part number is the first step in conducting a swap for the right or left side linkage. Auto Pros USA supplies all parts and complete units for sale. There are some helpful installation videos for learning how to replace a wiper transmission on Saturn Ion cars online. There are car owners and mechanics that offer free information that can be of assistance.

Before the General Motors changeover to the metal brackets, the 2004 and 2005 Saturn automobiles might still have the plastic parts installed. The entire system should be replaced and will usually take less than one hour for the average person. When a complete unit is swapped, the Saturn Ion windshield wiper transmission linkage should last for a long time.

Parts Warranty for Linkage Components

Most, if not all, used auto parts that exist on a motor vehicle have surpassed the original time limit for a manufacturer warranty. Consumers should be careful when shopping at a web retailer. There are parts that are warranted such as motors, brackets and control arms. There are other parts that are not as easy to provide protection for once installations are done. This should be verified with any retailer prior to placing an order.

Price Quotes for Saturn Wiper Transmissions

Whether someone needs a complete unit or just a few parts, all price information that is searchable from this website is easy to find. Once a part is listed as in stock, a VIN number can be entered in order to correctly match the information. Orders can take place right on this website or when calling the amazing support department by using the listed number on this page.