VW is known for its steering suspension system and spindle knuckles in various vehicles. People who shop on the Internet for right or left side car parts do have a few options. When it comes to buying OEM, the most cost effective route is to purchase a used Volkswagen steering knuckle. These are the cheapest and are still reliable for on-road usage.

Hub Removed Spindle Parts

Like most foreign vehicles, Volkswagen automobiles use a refined set of parts that are rarely interchangeable. The good news for a car owner who is hoping to conduct a swap of a bent or worn knuckle is that several vehicles do use the same spindle types. The Golf, Jetta, GLS, Passat, Bettle and MK3 each a nearly identical component for the steering column.

A good way to match up a part is to now the size of the gasoline or diesel motor block. The most common variations include the 1.8-liter, 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter motors. The turbo diesel models can also be fitted with replacement VW steering knuckles. Some people are confused when researching because the hub is usually not included in the price.

OEM Versus Used Steering Assemblies

Companies like Volkswagen have complete control over domestic distribution of factory fabricated components. The tie rods, bearings and spindle nuts are machined to certain specs. Most aftermarket providers of foreign automobile parts do not guarantee that a replacement will fit 100 percent. What is supplied through this Auto Pros USA website is an actual part taken from a parted out VW vehicle.

The extra Passat bolts, bus and bug products that are available outside of the main steering assembly can be useful to purchase at the same time. A car owner who orders a left or right wheel part only to find that additional components will be needed for installation might have a bad experience. Prior to order processing, related components in the warehouse are referred to make certain every person gets the right inventory.

Preowned VW Car Suspension Systems

Someone who has the task to pull out a column, remove the brakes and fix an issue can begin using this portal for price comparisons. The largest VW salvage yards across North America are in the interchange network that is provided. In a couple of mouse clicks online, a sale price is delivered along with the exact terms of sale.

Warranties for used automobile parts are sometimes hard to get without paying extra. Each order that goes through the AutoProsUSA.com system is shipped out with a strict coverage policy. If additional help is needed after a quote is delivered here, taking the time to call by phone is extremely helpful.