The knuckle for Ranger trucks can have different diameters for the left front and right front units. Aftermarket parts are not usually certified to fit into the place of an OEM unit. During the quest to replace a steering knuckle for a Ford Ranger, a person usually starts out by comparing retailer pricing. Auto Pros supplies an immediate price for all preowned suspension parts.

Control Arm and Ball Joint Parts

When grinding sounds are coming out from under the tires, the most likely problem is the knuckle is worn. It could also mean that the control arms or the ball joints need to be swapped. For most truck owners, the entire wheel assembly has to be removed prior to installing any rack and pinion components. A puller is used to add enough torque to successfully take out the worn parts.

Inside of each front knuckle is a series of bushings. These can also have a seal that keeps the unit from deterioration. Because of the price of a brand new U-joint or similar component, more people are finding car parts through junk yards in the local area. All parts for a complete steering knuckle replacement for a Ford Motor Company pickup are offered on this page.

Spindle 4WD Suspension Types

On most Ford Ranger compact trucks, the front knuckle is a spindle attachment. This does make it harder to remove from the column. An entire removal of the brakes and rotor is usually required. A cotter pin should be loosened to free to the part from the steering rod. A hammer is often used to pound the part out of its tight spot. While this is a good DIY project, it is not one that can be completed quickly especially with an inferior component.

The 2WD and 4WD parts are usually the same. The difference is that there are two axles on the 4-wheel drive suspensions. One or more of the upper or lower parts could be causing the issue. Once the removal of parts has been completed, a person with average knowledge of reassembly can put together the replacement Ranger knuckles.

Quotes for Used Ranger Parts

Aside from the various suspension parts for sale, a person can get a price for almost any Ranger components needed. These preowned products are salvage yard specials that come with a discounted price. Auto Pros USA ensures each person using the price examination tools on this website gets a fair deal every time. The package pricing is coupled with a warranty and a special rate for residential shipments in the United States.