Jeep 1/4 ton editions used the Dana 300 transfer case for a period of six years in the North American market. Long known as the top of the line assembly, the Dana-Spicer 300 model is one of the more reliable units produced for Chrysler SUVs. As a successor to the 20, the Dana 300 transfer case for sale on this portal is discounted due to its used condition status.

CJ Part-Time Case Assembly

The Laredo and Limited were two of the CJ7 Jeeps produced by AMC and later marketed by Chrysler that featured the 300-15 Dana stamp. The best way to tell if a unit is authentic is to search for the OEM factory stamp on the cast iron housing. Since a number of transmissions were paired up with the Dana-Spicer assemblies, it can be helpful to understand the part-time technology.

The T4, T5, SR4 and other gearboxes were used for the 4.2-liter and 2.5-liter 4-cylinder CJ7 editions. There is a 23-tooth spline gear that is standard on all factory built editions. This is combined with the tooled front output shaft. These happen to be popular replacements by people who buy used Dana transfer case parts on the Internet. The complete unit and the shims needed for installation can be bought here.

1980 Through 1986 Models

The bolt patterns are slightly different on some Dana models. What is known as the Texas pattern was often found on the 20 and earlier units. After the 1980 model year, the circle bolt system was featured for the remainder of the production cycle. It is common for an SUV owner to search out a rebuild kit to restore an older transfer case. While a yoke conversion might be needed, all of the preowned units at Auto Pros are factory OEM models.

A six-spline gear is found on manual shift versions of the CJ jeep series. The intermediate gear setup that needs to be understood before installation can be tricky to learn. Ordering a second hand product through this portal is a true time saver and money saver for adults. The scarcity of older automotive parts at retail stores is not an issue here.

Sale Prices for Jeep T-Cases

Because what is supplied here is taken from junk yards, there is an automatic discount applied. Shipments are normally arranged immediately once a sale is considered completed. A respected freight company that offers lift gate service is provided for consumers who request this delivery type. A full service warranty that does cover most of the classic components on the used transfer cases for sale at this website is distributed at the time of shipment.