Accord cars use two wiper transmission OEM part numbers for auto owners to cross reference. These number are 76530-S84-A01 and 76530-S84-A02 respectively. A person who needs to cross reference these numbers with an OEM Honda parts resource will find these are authentic component numbers. For people who prefer to buy salvage inventory, the Honda Accord wiper transmission inventory on this page is an official replacement for 1994 to 2002 models.

Types of Honda Accord Wiper Linkage

There are only two types of popular Honda parts replacements for automobiles. These include OEM and aftermarket. One problem with aftermarket builds is that some of the brackets are not included. These must be removed from a swapped assembly in order to reuse them with the non-OEM manufactured linkage. By choosing parts pulled right from a working Honda Accord, installations will be so much easier.

Steps for a successful diagnosis and swap include:

1. Turn on the wiper switch
2. Listen for noise
3. Validate linkage is not moving
4. Remove bolt covers and nuts
5. Take off the left and right arms
6. Remove all clips holding the linkage
7. Unscrew the 10mm screw
8. Remove linkage for replacement

Additional Accord Transmission Parts

Bolts break. Washers can fall off. Cranks can rust and become unreliable. Bushings can crack or warp. For someone who wants to reuse old parts, a close inspection should be made prior to trying to install a new transmission unit. Auto Pros USA is one of the only sources that uses junk yards to acquire thousands of parts for Honda motor vehicles. Each component has been cleaned and properly tested to prove to consumers that what is ordered is the best quality.

Warranties on most vehicles are likely expired. This means that any person who will buy a component will have to make payment without a form of insurance coverage. Third party warranties are almost always supplied for a short time period after a sale on this website. This gives each person enough time to evaluate the component to conclude that zero errors exist.

Cheap Wiper Transmissions for Import Cars

1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002 and 2003 model years are supported with assemblies for sale on this page. These years seem to be the most problematic for Honda coupe and sedan cars. Price information is what can be researched when using the tools in place here. A VIN number is one of the optional pieces of data that can be supplied. Entering this number leaves no doubt if a component is compatible or not with Accord cars.

Questions about left or right wiper parts can be direct right to the customer relations department here. Calling the number provided is a great resource to use to make certain that questions never go unanswered before orders are processed.