The Sonata uses an OEM number of 361002G200 to identify the ignition motor. While Hyundai outsourced the creation of these components, a complete unit is still available but often comes with a high price tag. Ordering a genuine part when a problem is diagnosed and verified should not become a hard process. Ordering a used starter motor for Hyundai Sonata vehicles on this website is as easy as two clicks of a mouse.

Common Reasons for Starter Failures

An electric pulse that is derived between the spark plugs and the battery terminal is what a car starter needs to turn over. A common problem is when electrical shorts or bad components start to creep up on a working automobile. Using an OBD-II or higher reader to find out what the error code is for a bad motor or component might not be the best way to find the problem.

The following list provides the most common failures in Hyundai automobiles regarding the starters:

1. Motor armature is bad
2. Drained smart key battery
3. Corrosion on plug wires
4. Defective ignition switch
5. Solenoid not opening or closing

To make matters worse for some vehicle years, a smart key is programmed at a dealership before a car is listed for sale. It is the programming that can throw off the sensors inside and a vehicle might never start correctly. A drained battery is very common in some smart key for Sonata car owners.

Starter Motor Location in Hyundai Sonata

Depending on the type of motor block, the actual location can vary for an ignition component. Hyundai has used 2.7-liter V6, 2.0-liter I4 and 3.3-liter V6 motor blocks in the Sonata cars. There could be one or more OEM part numbers that refer to the exact assembly that is required for a replacement. Not every mechanic is successful when diagnosing what the real problem might be.

With the national average cost being $247 to $441 to fix or replace a car starter, getting the best deal is of the most importance for an automobile owner. Most Sonata starter problems are simple to fix using certified preowned parts that are not sold through dealerships. Auto Pros USA lists every component needed to swap out a bad ignition system in a Hyundai Sonata.

Quality Used Starter Motors On Sale

Units that draw as any as 250 cranking amps are what can be priced through the tools on this website. Since all people deserve the right to save money, a DIY or mechanic installation will always cost less when discounts are obtained.

In order to review what VIN numbers are available for auto parts, the year of production should be given. An accurate and fair quote in price can be immediately explored through access to the interchange system that is open to all users of this website.