Harmonic Balancers for Sale

The harmonic balancer in your vehicle serves two functions. It reduces the resonance stress placed on the crankshaft while also acting as a pulley. If you are looking for a harmonic balancer for sale, you may find them referred to as dampers. Commonly used terms are crankshaft damper or torsional damper. The seach box at the top of this page is designed to help you locate the correct part without worrying about terminology.

Resonance and harmonic balancers

During engine operation, the power stroke of the piston applies force or torque to the crankshaft. The force actually causes the crankshaft to flex slightly. As it flexes it can produce vibrations. When the vibration of the crankshaft matches the torque produced by the engine, resonance or oscillation is created. The resonance places additional stress on the crankshaft and without dampening, crankshaft damage can occur.

The harmonic balancer is designed to withstand or absorb the resonace to reduce the stress. Without this part, your crankshaft can develop cracks, which can lead to failure. The dampening effect also prevents the excess twisting of the crankshaft from the torque being applied.

The timing of your engine is critical to produce power. If the crankshaft twists too much, the cam timing and valve opening can be thrown off. Your engine’s performance will suffer.

Over time, a harmonic balancer can wear out. The rubber sleeve may become damaged, which results in slipping. Symptoms of failure can include the need for frequent belt replacement. If the balancer or sleeve has become damaged it will throw off the entire pulley system.

When you are looking for a harmonic balancer for sale, we can help you find the correct part for your vehicle. Enter your search in the box located at the top of this page. No matter what terminology is used, our search will locate your exact part quickly.