Used ls300 engines For Sale

The ls300 was produced by Lexus from the 2001-2005 model years. Lexus first introduced the ls300 sedan and LS 300 engines to the United States market in the 2001 model year with a 3-Liter, front inline 6-cylinder engine. 2001 models of the Ls300 were available only with the SportCross 5-speed automatic transmission and front inline 6-cylinder engines . The 2002 model years brought more options to ls300 drivers with an optional 5-speed manual transmission and a station wagon model. Both the manual transmission and station wagon varieties of the ls300 featured the same 3-liter, front inline 6-cyclinder engine that has 213 hp. The ls300 also features a a multi-point injection fuel system, a compression ratio of 10.5, and 4 valves per cylinder.

Ls300 engines have been called very dependable and efficient in reviews. Average fuel economy for the ls300 engine is 18-25 miles per gallon, which exceeds many other subcompact cars of that era. Because the ls300 remains an attractive, popular vehicle, it is not hard to find a used replacement ls300 engine at a discounted price using Pro Auto USA’s used-part locator.

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