Used 12V Cummins Engines for Sale

Are you looking for a replacement engine for your Dodge Ram Diesel with a used 12V Cummins Engine? Finding a decent used engine online is never easy, but we make it as easy as possible by doing a wide search for specific auto parts. We specialize in finding used parts for specific applications.

The Cummins 12v, also known as the 6BT, was used in Dodge Ram trucks, medium duty trucks and some heavy duty buses and trucks from 1989 to 1998. It is known as a straight six design, meaning it has six cylinders in a row. It is a 5.9 liter displacement design, using high quality cast iron for the block and head. Two different injection pumps were used during the Dodge production years and of the two the later Bosch P7100 is the more desirable. The engine is a mechanical, non-electronic engine with excellent reliability. No computers are involved with running this engine, all functions are mechanical.

The standard design, non-turbo supercharged, is designated the 6B. With the turbo installed, it becomes the 6BT and with the addition of the inter-cooler system it’s the 6BTA. The entire engine is designed to be a medium duty industrial agriculture or truck engine and is widely regarded as the best light/medium truck diesel engine design. In stock form the engine puts out excellent torque and horsepower ratings, making it a natural for hauling, heavy loads and RV use. These 6BT designs are also known for having excellent longevity when properly maintained.

The 12V Cummins Engines are also highly sought after for modification, and installation into other vehicles. They have been installed into Ford, Chevrolet and many other light or medium duty vehicles. Suitability for using Biodiesel or WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil) as a substitute for regular diesel fuel is very high.

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