Used 4BT Engines for Sale

The 3.9L Cummins engine series is also known as the 4BT engine. These units were produced as a smaller replacement engine for vans and other light-duty trucks. These diesel engines are nearly identical to the 5.9L displacement in the larger truck series engines. This motor is an inline four-cylinder build that is featured at this resource for sale. Any buyer can purchase used 4BT engines for sale using the Pro Auto USA company.

One advantage of the 4BT engine series is the compatibility with multiple auto industry vehicles. While vans from Dodge and Chevrolet have used this series successfully, agricultural equipment and some Jeep vehicles have been modified with these turbocharged diesels. The specs of this smaller diesel engine has helped to increase the demand in the preowned industry for engine swaps. Buying one of these engines from a trusted resource can be a good buy depending on the price. The company generates instant pricing on this site.

4BT Cummins Engines for Sale

Cummins produces two identical versions of its B-Series engines. The first is the 3.9 4BT. The second is the larger 5.9 6BT that is most often found in Dodge Ram pickup trucks or Jeep applications. What is desirable about these engines is the fuel economy and power that is packed into these 745 pound engines. These engines are available for sale for instant placement into step vans, bread trucks and some SUV brands that are used in the U.S. market. The price structures that are listed here for all used diesel engines for sale remain some of the lowest online.

Warranties are always an issue when buyers lookup diesel engines online. Some dealers provide warranty protection while others do not. Every used 4BT Cummins diesel motor listed on this website is warranted against common defects. This means that all OEM parts supplied by Cummins during the original production process are warranted for a specific period of time. Engine buyers hoping to find an excellent deal and price are treated to the extended warranty offered here. All Cummins motors for sale listed at the Pro Auto USA company receive this warranty plan at no charge.

Used Cummins 4BT Engines Price Quotes

Getting an excellent deal for a used engine is possible using this resource. All pricing is already established in advance and featured inside the quotes system on this page. Access to the quotes system is easy to receive. Input the year of each vehicle and make into the system to start the process. What happens next is a series of price quotes are generated from our top suppliers. All used Cummins four-cylinder engines in stock are quoted in this manner. The toll-free telephone number listed on the site can be an optional method of price acquisition. Real people will answer each phone call and quote prices by phone.