Used Ford Explorer Engines

Ford Explorer remains one of the best-selling SUV brands in the Ford lineup. This vehicle series has introduced multiple engine types that can still be found for sale online. The preowned parts industry is full of parts choices for Ford Motor Company vehicles. The Pro Auto USA company is one resource to find discounted used Ford Explorer engines entirely online.

The first engine used in the Explorer was the trusted Cologne design. These motors were V6 builds although based on the original overhead valve design. This entry-level engine was quickly paired with the pushrod edition to provide dual horsepower choices to buyers. Ford placed a lot of stock in its Cologne series engines in the 1990s. Buyers hoping to find these editions here can leave here happy.

Second Hand Explorer Engines: V6 and V8

Ford upgraded the technologies in its engine department with the 5.0 Windsor V8. While this engine is associated with the Mustang, the larger Explorer featured this motor for a five-year period in the 1990s. The trusted 4.6 motor borrowed from the Lincoln division was also used as an optional engine replacement. This was the last of the classic builds used in this vehicle series before new technologies made these motors obsolete.

The arrival of the Duratec engines helped multiple Ford brands. The Explorer edition used two types depending on the trim models. The smaller I4 2.0 Ecoboost is now an entry-level option compared to the much larger 3.5 Duratec in the early 2000s. While the Ecoboost 3.5 is available, not all dealers online have access to these new builds in the U.S. Auto Pros provides immediate resources for these V6 and V8 used Ford motors here online.

Ford Explorer Engine Finder Online

Almost every engine build used in the U.S. market is still available. As technologies change, inventory can be harder to find from some resources. The engines finder located on this page helps a lot of people find what they need. This is the only resource linked to the secondary parts market. Any user of this public system can locate motors from multiple sources in one click. The differences in quality, mileage and shipment speed can be verified by users of the finder tool online.

There is a toll-free phone support option available too. This option gives out a lot of information not found directly on this page. Any person is free to dial the toll-free phone number here to quote used Ford SUV engine prices. There are easy ways to verify a VIN number to ensure the right motor is selected. A U.S. based phone support staff provides all of the assistance by telephone.