Used V12 Engines & Parts For Sale

The V12 engine is basically two straight-six cylinder engines put together. The engine has more natural balance so there is no need for balancing shafts, regardless of the angle used. The engine was first used in aircraft, and is used in luxury cars, as well as for racing and in some trucks. In WWII the engine was used in tanks.

The V12 offers refinement in technology. A very smooth running engine, and it has often been called a work of art itself. Part of the beauty of the V-12 is that used parts are often interchangeable with a V-6, especially so in GMC trucks.

The McLaren F1 sported a 6.1 liter V-12 that produced 627 horsepower and was the fastest car in the world at one time. Speed is one advantage of the engine, and luxury as in smooth-running responsive performance is another.

Classics like the Packard, or performance cars like the Ferarri, used V12 engines, and they are still used in some performance packages. Finding quality used parts can be a challenge, but with, you can find the used part you need quickly.

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The V12 is a specialty engine, but Audi introduced it in a passenger car in its 2008 Q7 model. The engine is more common in a Rolls Royce, or Jaguar in the modern era.

V12 engines are not too common, so parts may be hard to find. You won’t likely find parts at your local junk yard, and maybe not even at your local used parts dealer.

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