1999 BMW 323i Engine

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1999 BMW 323i Engines for Sale

BWM created the 3 series vehicles from 1998 to 2002. New platform changes and different engine types were some of the selling points for these vehicles. The 323i is one of the five motors used in the 3 series in the BMW lineup. Pro Auto USA sells used 1999 BMW 323i engines for sale and other years up to 2002 for a low price. Buying with confidence from a used condition parts sellers is essential in the second hand market on the Internet.

The E46 platform was selected by BMW to create the new wagon and touring series vehicles. The straight six engine design was coupled with four and five-door trim designs. The 323i is a 150 horsepower engine that is water cooled. This design is known as a longitudinal motor and relies on a manual transmission. The rating for displacement is sometimes listed as 1.9 and sometimes rounded off in marketed to be 2.0 liters. The M52 engine code is used to differentiate the 323i from diesel models.

BMW323i Touring Motors with an Extended Warranty

Buying used is tough in some parts of the USA. There are hundreds of dealers although no one really knows what quality can be expected. BMW is known for its contributions in the luxury vehicle arena. While quality is put into parts production, there are no guarantees that a motor will function past its prime. The used BMW engines for sale here at Pro Auto USA can put the most skeptical person at ease. A complete evaluation procedure is performed on each engine before insertion into the sellable inventory.

The straight six engine design provides a dual overhead cam motor. These combustion motors were used until 2001 although some diesel units are available. The diesel motors use four-cylinder configurations. Buying used engines on the Internet without a warranty is a risk that some buyers take. The used BMW motors in 323i builds offered at Auto Pros always include warranty coverage for free. This supplies any user with a safe way to purchase preowned motors regardless of the discount price.

How to Buy 1999 BMW 323i Engines for Sale

It only takes a moment to start reviewing the actual sticker prices that are attached to motors available on this website. Instead of providing prices in a list formation, a database is used to generate an instant quote in price. This is a more accurate way to explore the actual cost of a used engine. By entering the make, model and year in the system a price is displayed. This is the simplest engine quote system in use on the Internet in the U.S.

It is possible for BMW engine buyers to find support by phone too. A talented team handles all price requests and provides additional data to callers. The Pro Auto USA company uses a toll-free number to make all motor information freely available to consumers. The amount of research before buying preowned auto parts that this method saves is invaluable in the long run.