Axle & Differential Carrier Assembly Parts

A replacement part for your vehicle is easy to find. With our extensive database, finding your used carrier assembly is only moments away. A carrier assembly can be found in the differential of both front-wheel and rear-wheel driven cars. The carrier assembly is simply a cage that houses the pinion gears. There are several types of carrier assemblies. They can be made of aluminum or steel beds. They can be mounting or tilt frame assembly. There is the wheel lift and slide-in tire restraint carrier just to name a few. No matter the type of carrier you are needing we can locate it quickly saving you time and money.

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With a large diversity in carrier assemblies our “parts finder” is especially helpful in locating the right part at the right price the first time. Did you know they have a core-free carrier assembly now available on some makes and models. So don’t get the run-around when it comes to your vehicle. Find what you need when you need it. Compare all your prices at our one-stop-shop for the best in used automotive parts for your vehicles.

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