Carburetors For Sale

A carburetor has one basic job – that of getting a correct fuel and air mixture into the engine cylinder where it can be ignited by the spark plug, eventually getting power to the rear wheels. Carburetors are generally aluminum alloy, precision investment cast units, with many small parts and passages and work well only when properly maintained. These particular engine components are specifically designed for each model, year and make of vehicle and the best method for finding the correct one is to use the search box at the top of this page.

Sitting between the air intake and the intake manifold, carburetors work by accurately mixing and metering two things – air from the engine air intake and fuel from the fuel system. Both the fuel and air supplies must be clean, well maintained and if possible, optimized for the best performance.

Earlier models of carburetors were fairly basic systems, often with only one mixing chamber or barrel. More advanced versions have multiple barrels in a single assembly, with each one operating like an individual carburetor, but in a gang mode. The most advanced carburetors include vacuum, emissions controls and electronic sensor systems. Higher output or performance engines sometimes would use multiple carburetors to increase the fuel/air flow, giving a boost to engine performance.

Many things can affect the function of a carburetor and often the best avenue when repair is needed is simple replacement instead of rebuilding the original unit. A factory trained technician that has experience, the correct parts and a proper test bench is the best and easiest method to assure your new carburetor will do its job correctly. has a terrific selection of parts for your vehicle. Don’t forget that the carburetor is part of a complete system and the entire system must work well to be functional and without exhaust emission problem. If you need a new air filter, have intake hoses or vacuum hoses that are old and cracked, consider replacing them also. Don’t neglect your fuel supply either, make sure that your fuel filters, fuel lines, and fuel pump are fully functional and well maintained. Use the search box at the top to find the correct carburetor for your application and get your vehicle back on the road!