Crankshafts For Sale

A crankshaft is the heart of any engine, big or small. Crankshafts are constructed from extremely strong steel alloys, heat-treated and tempered and then precision machined and balanced for each application. These heavy components are constructed for individual engine applications and often are very specific to the engine design. The best method for finding the right crankshaft for your application is to start by entering the search terms into the boxes at the top of this page.

Encased in the engine block, spinning on precision main bearings and transferring the force from firing pistons to rotary motion, the crankshaft is a critical component. It is the way that power gets to the rear wheels via the transmission, and to the front of the engine to drive accessories such as air conditioning, power steering pumps, alternators and vacuum pumps.

Crankshafts in older vehicles didn’t have the tolerances that are required today. The internal combustion engine of today spins far faster, for longer periods and uses much tighter tolerances. Earlier units only had to deal with the output from one or two cylinders, and low power levels. Today the crankshaft is expected to last thousands of hours, hundreds of thousands of miles, deal with high torque and horsepower levels and do all of that with little chance of replacement. Advances in metallurgy, bearing design, heat displacement and lubrication allow crankshafts to work as well as they do in today‚Äôs vehicles.

Crankshafts are such a critical component that rebuilding them is not an option for the more usual applications. Replacement is the only viable and economical solution. Assembling a crankshaft requires precision machinery, heavy hydraulic presses, and knowledgeable technicians to do exacting assembly work. has the best selection of the right parts for your car or truck. Remember that the crankshaft is part of a complete system and it’s not an easily replaced part. Vehicles that have poorly maintained oil systems must have those systems repaired in addition to the crankshaft replacement. Consider replacing main bearings, rod end bearings, roller bearings, harmonic dampeners, front and rear main seals. Use the search boxes at the top to find the right crankshaft for your engine and get back on the road!