Used 3.8L Engines

Ford Motor Company updated its V6 engine blocks in the 1980s to support new fuel economy for car owners. The larger blocks were decreased from V8 down to V6 and the Essex engines were part of this reduction. The 3.8 motor is the first application in the 1982 year with the new fuel standards. The Pro Auto USA company provides used 3.8L engines with dealer direct pricing online.

The Granada was the test vehicle for the Essex motors for the first year of production. These engines remained powerful enough for Ford to place these inside the F-Series trucks. The later pairing with the Thunderbird and Cougar helped push the popularity of the fuel efficient V6. The preowned condition motors marketed through this resource gives instant compatibility with most popular Ford vehicles.

Preowned 3.8 Ford Engines for Sale

Lincoln, Mercury and Ford vehicles shared the placement of the 3.8 motors until the 2003. A 10-year pairing with the Mustang and its subsequent models provided new power ranges for the performance division of the Ford lineup. The Taurus, Sable and Marquis are some of the recent motor vehicles that have used the Essex V6 to its fullest in the U.S. market. The Windstar vans were the last placement of the original 3.8 before its discontinuance.

How much are used Ford engines? Most dealers set pricing that is based on the original selling price of an engine. The Auto Pros company provides used edition motors with reduced pricing. This is due to the expanded relationships made in the U.S. with top dealers. There are no surprises when classic engines are ordered and prices are displayed. Keeping motor vehicle engine pricing at the lowest point is the goal of this second hand resource.

Ford Essex V6 Engines in 3.8L Builds

It comes down to the actual sticker price before most buyers decide to purchase or not. There is a very simple method of learning the prices for in stock Ford Motor Company engines here. The automated price delivery tool at the top of every page through this resource is easy to use. This guarantees that every price quote buyers receive is the most updated price. These prices are delivered virtually right from this page.

All 3.8L Essex motors that are in stock are also quoted over the phone. There can be a lot of questions that buyers have that might not be answered on this page. It is normal to have questions about mileage, warranties and the cost of shipping. These questions are professionally answered with each call to the customer support department. The toll-free number to access these professionals is located on this page. Every used Ford vintage engine for sale here online is at the lowest price point available.