Used Intake Manifolds For Sale

Intake manifolds on your vehicle are designed to provide the correct distribution of the air and fuel mixture to the engine cylinders. Cracked or damaged manifolds will not supply the cylinders correctly and your engine performance will suffer. We provide fast online shopping for all of your auto parts needs including intake manifolds. Enter the name of the part you are looking for into our search bar and let us do the work for you.

Intake manifold operation

The intake manifold is mounted directly to the engine near the top. Manifolds are normally manufactured from steel, cast iron or aluminum. Aluminum is often used for reduced weight and appearance. This part provides the path for the air and fuel mixture from a carburetor. In fuel injection systems, the manifold directs the airflow only.

The sealing of the manifold to the engine is critical. The downward motion of the pistons produces a vacuum in the manifold. Any gaps will reduce the vacuum, create leaks or allow more air into the cylinders. Intake manifolds also serve to create positive crankcase ventilation. The vacuum created helps pull blow-by gases away from the crankcase.

In addition to cracks that can cause vacuum or air leaks, manifolds can also fail allowing coolant to leak. The coolant passageways can warp and allow coolant to enter the oil. If you notice bubbles or foam in your oil, check for a coolant leak.

When you purchase an intake manifold, make sure that all the extra parts you need come with it. Spacers and gaskets may be needed for proper installation. You should also use new hardware, as rusty bolts are difficult to work with and often break.

You may also be looking to install a performance intake manifold. These are designed to provide a higher amount of flow to the cylinders to increase the power of your engine. When you need to find an intake manifold for sale, we can help you find the correct part for your vehicle. Enter your search information into the box located at the top of this page. No matter what type of manifold you need, we can help you get it.