Used T5 Transmissions & Parts

The T5 transmission is a lightweight manual transmission that was originally developed by Borg Warner. Future designs were manufactured by Tremec after they purchased the design from the developing company. Popularity of the gearbox is due to the ability for the transmission to fit in just about any application whether the vehicle is a car or a truck. Although the gearbox is not equipped to handle larger engines or even high output motors, it is suitable for most other applications.

T5 TransmissionLifespan of the T5 spanned almost thirty years which makes for a widespread availability of the transmission and the corresponding parts. Finding a used example of the T5 can be easier than many auto parts due to the sheer number of units that were produced and put into new vehicles. Parts are interchangeable between nearly every T5 making easy to locate parts for leading to many more working units on the road.

Ford used the transmission in many of their productions vehicles. Chevy also used the transmission in several vehicle models in the product lineup. A few foreign manufacturers have also used the transmission in some of their vehicles, and the transmission has been a popular choice for hot-rodders and enthusiasts alike. High strength models have been developed in response to some of the requests from car enthusiasts who have demanded more durability in their manual transmission.

The overdrive in the manual transmission has what made the unit so popular roughly thirty years ago. Finding a unit to replace a high mileage unit in your car, or for your next build does not require deep pockets. Many working examples can be found that will be more than adequate for a replacement job or for a source of parts.

Local salvage yards are an excellent source of used T5 transmissions. Most yards will have already removed transmissions from cars and store them for easy customer purchase. Using the internet as a search method to locate parts has greatly improved finding quality used parts. A search locater can be used to find parts that are in the area along with giving you the cheapest price.